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We accept up to 9 partnerships each year.  Our partnerships go from May to April.   We allow our partners to choose a Sunday Gameday and set up to participate with our activities on their Sunday.  They also have year around signage on the outside of the PPHS Football Locker Room, mentions at all the PPYFL games, their logo is on our website and all the flyers that go into all the elementary schools and preschools in the county.  We also like to have fun with our partners if they have any outside the box ideas.  With around 300 boys and girls from all over the county in our program we could not exist without the help of our sponsors.  There is a minimum of a $600 donation to become one of our nine sponsors.  


Another fun way to get your name out there on our PPYFL Sundays is to donate "door prizes".  From oil changes to purses we use your donated item to prizes throughout Sundays Gamedays and other PPYFL events.  Of course we mention the donors name several times during the day and it helps make for a fun PPYFL Gameday.  

We always accept donations from individuals, businesses or organizations.